Gábor Nagy

“Cafe Burger” (Compressed Painting), 2005″
acrylic on canvas, 100x140cm

By using digital technologies in painting e.g. capturing images from the Internet, scanning printed materials, using digital cameras and Photoshop to make sketches, cutting adhesives etc. the equipments are extended. Like the electronic music scene, the mix, remix, recycling, remake of ideas and forms are in focus in painting too.
A lot of data is available now but we don’t use it all. The frequently used peaces can become clichés. Clichés are well known, they can fill up new messages -operating with them as a tool of creation we can create new relations between old forms, disciplines or phenomena. In other words, using a computer is usually equivalent using clichés. …and the world of clichés creates the MATRIX. (Gábor Nagy, Berlin 2005)

*1972 born in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary. Studied at the Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts, faculty of painting
1998-2000 and did his postgraduate studies at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg. Works and lives in Budapest and Berlin.

Individual Exhibitions
Les Complementaires, Batofar, Paris (with Anna Szigethy); Baby Doll, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest; Under Construction, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, Budapest (with Gyula Domián)Lumiére Obscure, Hotel K und K Opera, Budapest, Gallery Illárium, Budapest
Corso, Gallery Godot, Budapest; MMS, Gallery Godot, Budapest; Compressed Painting, MATÁV Exhibiting Hall, Budapest; Awards, Scholarships Hermann Lipót Prize

Scolarship of the Marie de Paris in the Cite International des Arts
2000 Erasmus-Socrates Foundation, Nürnberg
2001 Scholarship of Hungarian Academy in Rome
2003 Scholarship of Budapest Gallery and Stadt Frankfurt am Main

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