Iasi, Rumania
Print on T-Shirt

The conjugation of the verb “to be”, Present Indicative, in European Union inscribed on a T-shirt.

“My Mission”: Using incredible easy means (sometimes exclusively conceptual) I try to overpass the intellectual prejudices and stereotypes, being aware of the place I hold in the world and as well as of the fact that I can use and I can be used.

Born 1969, Iasi, Romania
Education: 1990-1996 Academy of Arts, Iasi, Romania

Group Exhibitions:“Trianon” Gallery, Iasi, Romania, “StudentFest”, Timisoara, Romania, “ARTIS”, Iasi, Romania, “Civitas Solis, Civitas Artis”, SCCA Bucharest Annual Exhibition, Câlnic Castle, Romania, “At Home”, French Cultural Center, Iasi, Romania, “Via Bucharest”, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, “Periferic” Biennial, Iasi, Romania, 2002 “Public Art Transeuropa, Project 3, Focus on Romania”, A9 forum transeuropa, MuseumsQuartier, Quartier 21, Vienna, Austria, “Version 5.0 of Violence Online Festival”, “NATURE OF PERFORMANCE – PERFORMANCE IN NATURE”, within IMAF 2003 – FIFTH INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIAL ART FESTIVAL, MAS Gallery & Multimedial Art Studio, Odzaci, Serbia, “Memorial for the Victims of Terror”, The fanzine “ÎNCEPEM”, 1st issue, the theme CHEMISTRY, launched at Noua Gallery, Bucharest, Romania,”Baumwelten-Weltenbume”, the Federal Environment Ministry, Bonn, Germany, The fanzine “ÎNCEPEM”, 2nd issue, the theme CHEAP, launched at Web Club, Bucharest, Romania,”IRAQ – the war and post war period”, “rhetorical situations”, Cupola Gallery, Iasi, Romani, “The Future of Performance Art”, within IMAF 2004 – SIXTH INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIAL ART FESTIVAL, Multimedial Art Studio & MAS Gallery, Odzaci, Serbia, “The Way like the World is”, Turkish Bath, Iasi, Romania, The fanzine “ÎNCEPEM”, 3rd issue, the theme FUTURE, launched at Noua Gallery, Bucharest, Romania,The fanzine “ÎNCEPEM”, 4th issue, the theme UNTITLED, launched at National Dance Center, Bucharest, Romania, “On Difference #1”, Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, “VISUAL EUROBAROMETER – Romanian values/European values”, Bucharest, Romania, “Memorial for the Victims of Terror”,”AB OVO”, within SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIAL ART FESTIVAL – IMAF 2005, Multimedial Art Studio, Odzaci, Serbia,

Performances:“ÎMI PLACE PERIFERIC 3″(I LIKE PERIFERIC 3), unofficial performance at Periferic 2, Iasi, Romania,”Romania’s Constitution”, Constitution Square, Bucharest, Romania, “White”, Periferic 3, Iasi, Romania, “AER DE IASI 1” (AIR OF IASI 1), Ann Art 10, St. Ann Lake, Romania, “AER DE IASI 2” (AIR OF IASI 2), Via Bucharest, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, “The Mirror”, Periferic 4, Iasi, Romania, “AESTHETICALLY CORRECT”, 480 Minutes, Iasi, Romania,”PHILOSOPHICALLY CORRECT”, Language, Mapping, Power, the Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi, Romania, “ÎMI PLACE AERUL DE LA AnnART”(I LIKE THE AIR OF AnnART), AnnART Holiday, St. Ann Lake, Romania, “One Minute”, Frontiera 2, Public Bath, Iasi, Romania, “Romania’s Flag”, >, Eforie Gallery (with Vector Group), Bucharest, Romania, “I Like the Air of AnnART”, ERUPTIO, St. George, Romania, “POLITICALLY CORRECT & ETHNICALLY CORRECT”, text in art project Man Gallery – Serbia by Nenad Bogdanovic, Izba Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia

Flash animations:“September 11th”, 15 sec (loop), participation in Version 8.0 of Violence Online Festival and WB05 – Web Biennial 2005 – The Biennial on the World Wide Web, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey,”Self-portrait with Franz West’s settee”, loop, participation in {self}_representation 2003 in the special show Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraiting themselves, Le Musee di-visioniste and International video-art festival in public spaces OUTVIDEO, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 2004

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