Editorial – Centre and Periphery

This months Plotki comes to you with a new issue, playing with the methaphor of «centre» and «periphery».

Observe with us the spatial metaphor which attempts to describe the structural relations between the advanced, metropolitan «centre» and the less developed «periphery». Look at the transformations in the political and economic spheres in post-communist countries and you witness surprising localized responses: over here, spaces of [Petty Capitalism flourish in the very Centre of Post-socialist Capital Cities] where marginal groups of people engaged in seasonal marketplaces provide an alternative to formalized economy; over there, post-communist societies engage in multiple directions, many times strange to them, in a frantic attempt of complying to the rules of the game. Take, for instance, [Ukraine’s Multi-Vectorism as a Result of EU’s pragmatism and Russia’s colonialism].

Look more attentively at the Centre-Periphery model and you will distinguish a frame on which relations of economic underdevelopment and dependency are being built. While getting a feeling of the cultural backgrounds and orientations in Albania, you will discern [The Broken Chain Between an Archaic and a Modern Albania] and find yourself caught by surprise in a [Christmas Jackpot] that will fling you, when you least expected it, straight into the unforeseen outskirts of Tirana.

Now go for the less conventional, go for the abstract, plunge deep into your inner self and, in [An Attempt at Pshychological Therapy] you might well find [A Better Life]. Leave out Marxist interpretations or imperialist connotations of the Centre-Periphery dichotomy and take photographs: photographs of your own Centres and Peripheries.

So what is the centre of your world?

If you haven’t discovered it yet, [Wandering between the Centre and Periphery] of some of Europe’s capitals might help you this time. You might surprisingly find “your centre” in a night club in the centre of Prague, full of annoying tourists ignorant of the imminent [Winter Conspiracy] being set out against them  by the locals, or a town in Ukraine, nothing of a special at a first glance, but standing as a symbol for the borderline between the [Centre and Periphery of the Ukrainian Transition]. Or maybe you will find it by traveling back in time to the Bosnian kingdom of the Middle Ages, in a [Quest for the European Pyramids] hiding in the town of Visoko. 

But you don’t even have to look that far. Just stick to the centre of the city you live in, open your eyes to its underworld and you will find the periphery laying right on the [Ground Above the Underground] beneath the most central metropolitan spot. 

In the end, no matter whether you find yourself in the centre of any big city or rather on the periphery of your  bloc, one thing is true: rumours live through being told! So tell us your rumours, write us a comment and feel invited to join the Plotki projetct: contact(at)plotki.net

Irina Dragan
Plotki Online Editor


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