Take a break and become…

In every second of our lives we are confronted with choices. Even our own birth is a matter of choice. The universal energy, nature or people are deciding that we should appear into this world. We are born in a world of endless choice, a place that gives us the chance to be unique by exercising our personal gift of being alive and capable of living for a purpose. In the exact minute that we decide to choose life instead of anything else, we accept the biggest responsibility of them all…to become spiritual and creative human beings.

We have to learn that the world is a huge stage, which allows us to play a distinct and unique role. We can also consider there is a permanent audience consisting of everything that surrounds us. This audience is influenced by our decision to play one role or another and so life goes on and on.

The matter of choice…

Nowadays we are so involved in our social life and almost all of us forget, from time to time, that we have the right to take a step outside of it all and think about the essence of being alive. Just close the gates of routine for a second and face the other side of life which is hidden behind what society dictates you to do, from the minute you are born. 

We are taught to cry, drink, sleep, eat, dream, desire. We are given a safe passport for life as long as we are obedient. We are shown that a perfect relationship should be like those in the Hollywood movies, the Western world gives us a model of political power and development, Asia is the stereotype for overpopulation, Africa means hunger and disease. The individual is somewhere in between and inside all these images of the world. 

The amount of information coming in our direction is overwhelming and the matter of choice might appear as a cynical demand. Nevertheless we must be capable of pushing it all back and fill our hearts with a breath of innocence and pure air.

Forget you are just a small insignificant part of the enormous puzzle that represents life itself, and consider yourself as being an essential part of this game. Take a break from your ordinary life and start becoming. Become what? You chose! There is the possibility to walk down one path or another and you can be absolutely sure there will never be an end to this trip. The strangest thing is that you are not in a labyrinth, but in a sequence of life. So put on your seat belt and follow the inner map.

Across the Universe…

While being a student, I chose to travel to different parts of the world, and interacted with many people from different cultures. Those trips gave me the chance to learn valuable lessons of life and to better understand that we all have a personal path and a special meaning in this life. Being a Romanian was never easy outside the borders of my own country.

In the USA I was asked what and where exactly is Romania, I was asked if we have cars, paved roads, electricity and cable television. In the fortunate cases I was asked about Dracula, vampires and Transilvania. While hitchhiking around Western Europe I met a lot of people who seemed to be scared when finding out where I was from, mostly because the only image they had about Romania is that of a poor country, where children are abandoned or sold to foreigners, gypsies are sent to the west to beg and steal and the streets are a dangerous place.

At the time they were telling me all these stories I was in their car traveling from place to place. I was a student from Romania and a person who had a sincere smile on her face. I tried to give them a different perspective of Romania. I told them about the people who are beautiful and sincere, about the landscape, the people in the cities and the peasants in the countryside, the political status and the future aspirations of our leaders but I also told them about the abandoned children, the gypsies, the migrants, and the streets. I explained that all these things and many more are part of what Romania really is, and that the change of this situation is an important plan for the present and the future generations. I told them things that I believed in and I was not for a second ashamed that I am from this country. I was never in my life ashamed of it. 

While being at a destination I thought of the person who took me there, and I hoped that I could open his heart, at least a little bit. And then I took a break for a few days, a breath of air from Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and hitchhiked to a new destination,  a new challenge and new people. Nevertheless I learned a lot. It was all a precious life lesson, a travel into the unknown, a fill with positive energy.

How about taking a break…

Coming back to my country I realized how fortunate we people are. I am happy that I am who I am and that I am here instead of anywhere else. Romania is in itself a great challenge. A challenge to wish for more and an endless river of possibilities for someone who wants to improve the life of others. There are a lot of things to do here and my country needs me and you for that. The fact that I was born here was not in vain, was not a lottery, but a choice and a necessity.

I found out that I might never be sure whether I’m on the right path or in need of searching for a new direction. But I understood that the rules of life are differently perceived by every one of us according to the inner map, which serves as a guide. Nevertheless I’m sure it takes a lot of self confidence to take your every step into the unknown.

To realize all these things took me some time, a bit of courage, faith, and a few breaks from my daily life. Those breaks gave me a new reason to live and a new purpose in life.
This world has a lot of colors that have to be combined into a painting that will put a smile on the faces of people everywhere. And when you feel like smiling take a break, go outside and fill the streets with joy.

Photos by Simina Guga

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