My broken portrait

 “The time is going on – life is stagnating… breakouts”

Rakowiec bus stop, Warsaw, photo and title by Salpa.

Waiting at the bus stop, time during breaks between lessons at school and in the middle of the classes at the University, at the concert hall… the lunch break, the theatre interval, halftime while playing football, a commercial break on TV… The bus suddenly comes, the ring calls for the lessons…

“Getting M.A. degree is a hard work. Students need a little break and some fresh air that helps them feeling better. Opening window is necessary when there is no air-conditioner in room.”

Institute of Applied Social Science, Warsaw University; photo by Marcin Trzos

It’s a kind of time that is difficult to spend in so called productive way, which is rather peculiar in todays rational world, focused on efficiency and always in a hurry. Rest became a way to improve our abilities, to work and learn better; a redundant necessity.

“Daily Extreme Sports: Parachuting and Mountaineering”

Institute of Applied Social Science, Warsaw University; photo by Katarzyna Czech.

Breaks are not only a time to relax and unwind oneself but can also be a forced time of waiting. And  then it becomes a break that waits for the end of the break. Break is waiting for the next thing to happen, time between some actions, a space between activities that make up ones life.


Institute of Applied Social Science, Warsaw University; photo by Katarzyna Czech.

How to capture a break? 

I didn’t realize that breaks play such an important role in my everyday life. I asked people to take a picture of me during my several ordinary breaks. Those are the breaks I’m forced to take, they don’t belong to me anymore, in fact they happen to occur simultaneously with my life.

Photography School, Warsaw; photo by Dorota Kwiatkowska

Suddenly taking pictures during breaks happened to be an action itself. People, in this specific situation became enthusiastic and involved in the idea. They took several photos instead of one, had a lot of good ideas how to capture the surrounding reality. I gave them space to direct me, to create their own concept.

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