I long for train rides. Starring out of the window, landscapes rushing by, thoughts passing like photos in a forgotten album. Eating an apple in slow-motion. A friendly, but short nod to the passenger sitting opposite of me. Taking a breath. Having a break.

We all take breaks. We have break-fast, we break-dance, we break free. Breaks make us able to reflect, to regain strength, to resign. Some breaks we take are voluntary, some are forced. And sometimes things are never the same again, we break-up.

Take a break

This month’s PLOTKI online issue is dedicated to this special process of spending time. We tried to take a picture [my broken portrait], we raved through the night in break-taking factories in Praha [you can’t stop the party], we watched [when monuments take a break] in Bucharest, we deconstructed street signs [breaking patterns] and took a travel break [being on the way]. We offer you a perspective [take a break and become], we refuse eating [a spoiled lunch], we rethink a broken land [september will come], we compare Germans and Poles wasting time [slow down], we let Romania break out from western clichees [Romania – no man’s land] and finally [we break our way through creativity].

About the PLOTKI break

Plotki also took a break – but we didn’t break up! We re-thought, re-designed and re-structured our site. After half a year of abstinence and a beautiful seminar in the czech mountains we are back – and we are happy to introduce a brand new team: the international Plotki online board.

PLOTKI ONLINE SEMINAR, Ceska Skalice, April 2006

PLOTKI online editors are spread all over Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Switzerland. AND there will be no breaks again: from June on PLOTKI rumours will be updated regulary every month.

Break-free features

New face, new stuff. Take a break from wild surfing and spend some time with our break-free features: The task of the months invites you to your own creativity, the PLOTKI calendar manages your time schedule in Eastern Europe and our recommodations shall inspire you to read, hear and see our revealed rumours.

And now – after all this re-thinking and re-structuring we need YOU. Share your opinion about our new face and site with us: contact(at)plotki.net

Mit plotkistischen Grüßen,
Nadine Wojcik


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