Break your way through creativity

Experience tells me people have that content warm glow mostly when they are creative. When they are free. And in order to be free every now and then you have to  break a rule. Here are some tips how to break free in order to be happy.

break a rule

If you’re an advanced happy-free-person, you’ll break them every day. Why is this so important? Let old Nietzsche tell you: “One must separate from anything that forces one to repeat ‘no,’ again and again. The reason for this is that all expenditures of defensive energy, however slight, involve enormous and absolutely superfluous losses when they become regular and habitual.” It is a line from Ecce homo. Nice little book.

SUMMER EVENING AT SILBA ISLAND, photo by Sinisa Pintek, Zagreb

Lot of liberating stands also crossed my mind.
Few of them are:
I believe in DIY and even more in DIWYF: do it with your friends.
There is more to reality than what we can physically perceive.
You must do what your instinct tells you to.
Bending gender roles is liberating, challenging and fun. 

Standpoint is a nice and free tool that enables you to shape your view of the world and share it with others. And could be an online help for figuring out what kind of freedom you are interested in. 

break a relationship

is very high on the break priority list. Does it sound cruel? It definitely wouldn’t be of any use for you to break all your relationships. But I would go for one that doesn’t encourage you to be creative. And I don’t mean: ‘Turn away and never come back with an explanation’ break. But, be true to yourself, and don’t let some cozy, but worn-out relationships hold you down for a long time. New and more open frendships that bring changes, freshness and widen your perspective are priceless. So are old friends. But why not have them both?

LAKE BREAK, photo by Gabrijela Ivanov, Zagreb

The premises are quite simple:
Routine is the killer of creativity.
The essence of creativity is to be unrestrained.
Unrestrained equals free.
You get the conclusion.

break a day

Let me tell you what happens when you finally create yourself the job you love. I say create it yourself, because nobody’s just gonna give it to you. When you’ve made your plans, your secure space, when you’ve got your head focused and are surrounded with supportive friends or acquaintances, when the creativity juices get going, after a period of work and productivity an absolute must is a period of recuperation. 

TABOR FILM FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS, photo by Nenad Borovcak, Zabok, Croatia

Stress is evil. Those recuperating breaks are the most essential periods, and the quality of that time is practically sacred. The balance of not wearing yourself out by enormous energy you have for the job that you love and truly believe in, and giving yourself enough rest is the hardest to find. So, whether you’d like to take a favorite familiar break, or do something totally different you’ve never tried, be sure you spend some time only with yourself, first.

And if you decide to acknowlegde this humble experience, and try some of the advices mentioned here, don’t forget to keep us posted about where your creative mind took you.

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