A spoiled lunch break

In my country there is a saying: one man in the field is not a warrior. It means, that one person is not capable to solve problems. I don’t agree. If everyone will put a maximum of efforts to solve at least one disputed situation, considering its reasons and not forgetting about its consequences – we shall receive impressing results.

I’m just a little person – fundraiser of “Sympathy”, a charity fund for refugees. My dinner BREAK started 7 minutes ago. All office staff runs away with noise and happiness. But I can’t… because of him. He sits opposite to me and tells me about BREAKfast. BREAKfast? Yeah, about BREAKfast he made for his little daughter: two eggs with the slice of meat, toast, salad… I’m so hungry – I’m so angry – 2 minutes to the end of my dinner BEAK, BUT THERE IS NO CHANCE TO EAT, BECAUSE OF HIM…he speaks about BREAKfast because he didn’t eat for 2 weeks and his little daughter is ill – they are refugees in unfriendly society.

599 persons live at the moment in the Odessa area who possess the status of the refugee, including 106 children. All of them have arrived to Ukraine with the hope for a better life, with aspiration to be integrated. But only a small group of them will be, the majority – a separate community whose human rights are not protected by anybody.

photo by Achim Hatzius, Berlin

Borders don’t stop the streams of refugees

Events of the last years have pulled the borders of my country with the European Union. The process of rapprochement has affected a migratory situation both in Ukraine as a whole, and in my Odessa area, in particular, therefore the question of administration migratory streams has risen even more sharply.

By quantity of refugees the Odessa area wins first place among other areas within Ukraine and the second after Kiev. Considering that fact, that region is boundary, it involves legal and illegal migrants from the countries of near and far abroad, and their stream is not the time phenomenon, it is natural development of public attitudes.

Spoil your lunch break

He doesn’t stop talking – needs somebody who listens to him. I’m the only one who knows English and Arabian – I’m the only one who cares… my lunch break is over, but his dinner is about to start – he and his daughter will never be hungry again, because I found a place for them in the center for refugees. My spoiled lunch BREAK – the only way to make the world better. So I ask all of you – spoil just one your BREAK for a person in need – and the world will become better!

Believe me: even one is a warrior in a field… if this one has motivation and real aspiration to reach desirable.


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