During the spring and summer months, there is at least one dog show per week in Poland. Professional and amateur breeders / fanciers meet in city-stadiums ; for some of them it has become a “life-style”,  traveling all around the country to attend the shows.

But if “going to the dogs” can be a good way to spend a Sunday among friends, it is also a contest. Dogs are judged for how well they conform and for their  obedience.

Every week-end the same ritual of people fancily preparing their dogs around a ring materialized by plastic strips. In trying to get a perspective on things, these spaces originally designed for athletic performances, now modified for the need of canine shows, can be very confusing. In addition, the extreme attention given to the dogs, can make it difficult to figure out whether the keeper or the animal is “the boss”. As well, our tendency to attribute human feelings to animals in photographs blurs the situation even further.

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