Editorial – Bosses and Underlings

This time Plotki enters your lives with the Gulliver’s complex. Each of you finds yourselves sometime as a boss, or sometime as the underlings. Through our stories you will find a piece of yourself, you could rather be a mafia guy with some good luck, or a micromanaging boss controlling your daily work like a madman, you could as well be in the position of a depressed working class individual with a low motivation when a person over your head making your life miserable just because he is the boss, and you ain’t.

Bringing various corners of the Eastern Europe in the same spot is what Plotki always does, but this time we will put you as an observer to sneak out in the depths of our stories and creations.

From the low life of a simple worker in Industrial Blues at Shop One-Two in Zaporozhe, the lesser difficulty comes at Kozinsky underground world as a mafia boss who brings vivacity to the Prague’s darkest corners. From east stretching to the Go-West Europe, a friend from Romania tries to break the “wall of Berlin” in the Europe of 21st century at Circulez. Then we find modern methods of observing people with no awareness, while they are tested by their “possible” future boss in The Typical Reject. And the last, Underdogs, explores the lives of dogs and their “padroni”.


Besard and Christian, Editors of the July Issue

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