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Souvenirs de Paris, 2004
While she was studying one year in Paris at the Arts Déco Hanna Zeckau worked on her personal dirary on Paris. Her aim was it to get to the bottom of this city on very peronal terms. Her house, her room, the fridge, friends, the city and the people in the cafés, in the bus or metro.
The drawings were put together in a book (80 pages, format: 200mm x 200mm).


picture by Stephanie Endter

„One of the first paintings that I draw – and remember – was a lion. It was a competition for the lion pharmacy (Löwen-Apotheke). The lion looked so great – I was so proud. He had blue eyes and a large mane. I didn’t win the competition though. But I found the painting again some years ago. And I remembered that special feeling back in first grade – this proud about a painting. Today I do not feel that anymore. I mean, in parts maybe, but not that intense anymore. This special proud – I guess that is a childlike emotion.”

“There was no moment that I decided to be become an artist. I was always drawing and painting. It was a process, something that developed during the years, especially through the feedback that I got. And than it was clear.”

“My work shows little worlds. I build them and dive into them. I want the observers to sink in, too. I do not want to show what one already knows. My work are my personal and external insights.”

Recorded by Nadina Wojcik, Berlin

Hanna Zeckau, 26, Illustration and Grafic Design.
Born in Munich, studies communication design at Kunsthochschule Berlin – Weißensee.

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