[..Border Control – Control Border…]
It is a strange part of the country. One each side. The towns on the German side seem more and more hopeless the closer the border line comes. The Polish side is dominated by the usual border business, by cigarette stops and the dwarf industry, by fruit and mushroom sellers, by desolated small towns with the uncharming architekture of the 50ties and 60ties. Almost one year after EU enlargement nothing seemed to have changed. The border region still lacks a cross cultural atmosphere, still seems to have nothing much to offer.

[…a plotki like trip…]
We took one deep dive into the assumed desolate border region. And found more. We walked around the historical Pückler Parc in Bad Muskau that lies in both countries. We searched for the ruins of Kosztryn, a modern Pompej.

[…Plotki ‘n Art…]
So many artist feature PLOTKI…now we strike back! Revanche! Starting out with this month’s Update PLOTKI will feature one artist. This month: Hanna Zeckau, grafic designer and illustratior from Berlin.
For suggestions for future artist featuring please contact us

Read an interview with Ileana Stanculescu whose documentary film about the (non)existing bridge between Ukraina and Romania won the First Appreance Award at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.
Read a story about Jacek – the Hobbit – and the life among homos plasticos.
And find out about a real love. A text by Plotki author Cristina Novac.

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