Divided Parc

Nadina Wojcik and Stephanie Endter (pictures), Berlin

A white wooden bridge connects the Polish and the German part of the historical Fürst Pückler Parc. An iron gate though in the middle of the bridge divides it. No Schengen yet for Poland. Border Control in the middle of the parc. Mission Statements from Polish and German border policemen.


“It is really terrible here, if there are no visitors. Today there were only 134 people crossing the border. Mostly it is German pensioners who cross the bridge. They like to talk a lot. One day an old man lectured me for four hours how the parc used to look like in earlier times. That was quite nice. And interesting.”

“I do not know why mostly German pensioners walk around here. Maybe they have more time. Maybe there are less retired people on the Polish side. I do not know.”

“No, I do not often visit Poland myself. To tell the truth: For me it has nothing to offer.”


“We rotate. We stay two hours here at the border crossing and then we are off to controll die Grüne Grenze.”

“The Germans are well organised. I am here only by myself. But there are always two or three German policemen on the bridge. One policeman from each side though is surely enough.”

“No, I cannot say anything about the shift times. This is a secret.”


“The Germans are also better equiped. They have night-vision glasses.”

“We do not have a shelter because it does not fit the landscape architekture.”

“I like it when it rains. The Germans take me with them to their car. Then we sit there and talk. And tell jokes. The time passes by much faster then.”

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