Bodies might not appear to be a topic that would easily fit the general Plotki lines, as Plotki is usually concerned with rumours related to our bloc. However, while collecting the contributions it became clear that Bodies have in fact a lot to tell about our region. I hope that you will enjoy finding out the various ways bodies are perceived, related to, used in different locations of the region.

Paulina leads us along the marks of [woman’s landscape]. Anna [bodies on display] tackles the controversies of being gazed at as and being a gazer of naked bodies, examining the question in relation to feminism. The personal account of Olena and Elisabeth reveals their experiences about the difficulties of [Going Over There: How the East/West Divide is Negotiated in Beds and Minds], at both sides of the Iron Curtain. But what do you do if your name is „Nice ass” – asks Adam [The Dupa], revealing his struggles with coming to terms with his family name. With Felix we enter into the streamy space of [Baia Grivita – Bucharest’s last public bath], to see how that intimate and at the same time very social place is being utilized. Then with sinisterpenguin we can follow [Bob and Bianca Go Dancing in Hell] and party as if it was 1982. Filip takes us back in time even further, when wearing long hair as a guy was both a political and social statement and resulted in [The Campaign Against “Vlasatci” in Communist Czechoslovakia]. Last but not least Andrea Zakaria Kuteli’s article turns us back to nude bodies, this time in the Albanian beach, not more than [20 minutes from Corfu] to show the public outcry they caused.

Alexandra Szoke

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