This month’s Plotki online issue is dedicated to BLUE – one of the three primary colours and the choice of our team. Altough we like red and yellow as well, we hope that blue has some undiscovered potential.

In our current Monthly Updated Rumours, Plotki authors and artists have choosen different paths to enter the debate and to go beyond the blue of seas, skies and lakes.

Blue Updated Rumours

No postcards from abroad in your letterbox? Relax – because Plotki delivers the blue mail instead [international postcard blue]!
In the city of Nice the blue of the sky seems to be different – read about the blue of early minimalist modern art [the wizzard of pure colour]. In case you are grown-up already take a look at a [blue movie] which isn’t actually a film.
[Beautiful blue Plotki] reveals what Plotki readers look like when painted blue. Plotki authors then guide you on a walk through an abandoned holiday resort [man on the hill], introduce you to [nine blue girls] and tell you the story of [poor little Gaba]. Move further on and find a photo collection [ice flowers], lies eine Liebesgeschichte zum September [Wolf und Katz] and go on a 48 second blue journey [albastru] to arrive at the Macedonian [blue lakes].

Plotki is a project from around the bloc. We are open for new people and ideas. Plotki invites you all. Contact us at contact(at)plotki.net


Felix Wolf & Jarek Sierpinski


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