Blue Movie

The door flew open as you finally found the handle. It wasn’t your fault you couldn’t open the door, as I am grabbing your arms and holding them as I kiss you hard on the lips. You pull me tight towards you so you can feel my hard penis pressed up against you as you edge backwards through the doorway.

We spin round on the spot inside the room. I slip slightly off-balance and you take the opportunity to push me onto the bed – a mischievous look in you eyes. I hit my head on my guitar. I push it to the floor and start quickly clearing the bed of CDs, a book and the… you push me back and hold both of my arms tight. I stare straight into your eyes trying to look serious but fail and let a broad grin spread across my face as you released me long enough to pull off your top before pinning my arms down again. I am surprised by your strength. Your bra is a soft dark blue.

Your lips are pressed up against mine once again and I force my tongue into your wet mouth, exploring. Your kiss is so hard it hurts me. We are both slippy with sweat. You are pulling at my shirt, struggling with the buttons whilst wriggling your back so I can’t undo your clasp at the back of your bra. You get my shirt open and are licking, now biting at my chest. I run my fingers through your hair. I pull your hair back so I can see you eyes staring hungrily back at me and in turn I stare deep into your dilated pupils.

I push back at your shoulders and twist you round, letting my body fall onto yours. I’m kissing at your neck and ears. You groan in pleasure as my teeth pull at your earlobe. I start kissing down from your neck, through the middle of your chest, ignoring your throbbing breast, lick your navel and begin chewing on the top of your jeans. I use my fingers to pull open your button and slide the zip of your jeans slowly down. I slip off your jeans and socks before leaping back on to you, gently stroking between your legs. I can smell and feel you.

Wriggling out from under me you stand over me on the bed, the street light penetrating the curtain and catching your mischievous look. You order me to take of my trousers, boxers, socks and watch. I am lying naked under you, my erection pulsating in anticipation. You straddle me, and I can feel your wet knickers pressing against my skin. In half a second you have your tongue licking the length of my penis, teasing the head before returning to the base. I can feel my testicles ripple as they enter your mouth and you suck softly. I lie back and enjoy. After a few moments you are moving back up to the head of my erection you lips are sucking the top, then moving half way down the shaft before I fill your mouth. You stare up at me and catching your eyes sends my skin into a shiver. My body aches with pleasure as you suck me hard and slow.

As you stop I look back down and you are taking off your underwear. You nipples are hard and erect. I reach for them but you push me back down, turning your body round as you move you sweet moist vagina towards my face. Leaning forward whilst backing into me I feel your lips once again on my penis whilst I begin to circle the lips of your vagina with my tongue. I am licking slowly in circles, now close, now further away from your clitoris. I suck gently on your vaginal lips. I push my tongue into your soft opening. I begin to circle your clitoris again. You moan your impatience, but I persist in teasing, until when I begin to feel a slight biting on my penis I first slowly and then faster and faster begin to lick your clit, you moan to signal that I’ve found the right spot. I give long licks and then short fast tickles. My tongue is beginning to ache as you moan deeper and longer. Saliva is pouring out of my mouth and I’m gasping for breath but I wont stop, you moan in pleasure and I can feel the wet rush as you climax.

I push you off me and fix my eyes on yours. You’re lying back on the bed, legs apart, mouth half-open as I move towards you. My penis, wet from your saliva, slides easily inside you. We shiver together excitement. You hands are grasping at my back, your breasts are rising and falling with your heavy breaths. I’m deep, deep inside you.

We hold each others gaze.

I begin move slowly backwards and forwards.

We are perfectly in time.

And then I look into your eyes again and say:

‘You are fucking a PENGUIN you sick sick person. The things people do for money is beyond belief.”



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