Remembering the Dead

At the marble memorial at uliza kashirskoje were there used to stand bloc no 6/3, someone placed a note saying: “Why is there a cemetary in this lively area of Moscow? Are you guilty of something? But why were you punished by fiends and your fate twitted?” Next to it you can read on an official commemorative plaque: “Eternal Memory for Moscows victims of terrorism, who died during the explosion of the apartment building on 13th of September 1999“

uliza kashirskoje / 124

theater nord ost / 179

pushkinskaja / 13

no space for official remembering

hotel national / 5

avtozavodskaja / 41

tushino / 18

…Nord-Ost…Beslan…(a list of all assasinations in Russia since the 90th)

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