No, this isn’t a late April fool’s joke. Neither is it some case of failed fiction. Everything is fine with Plotki, as well as it is with John. We didn’t drown in the swimming pool we built together, didn’t embark on a voluntary nightmare and nobody got eaten by the Little Red Riding Hood, excuse me, by the big bad wolf. We continue searching for an authentic eastern Europe by passing the Czech-Polish and other borders, as well as gently bringing down preconceived opinions of us and them. And we’ve still got stories from the asphalt worlds around our blocks, here and there Russian tragedies or Pridnestrovian comedies, helping us to pilot through the Plotki universe.

This month Plotki decided not to assail you with new exiting material, but to let you enjoy your summer vacation with an exquisite selection of the most tremendous articles we’ve ever published. So just lay down in the sun, take a sip from your beer, lick on your lemon ice cream, let somebody give you a foot massage and savour this month’s Plotki issue… As we do our selfs.

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