Design your own Swimming Pool

Design Your Own Swimming Pool

The entries to last months competition screamed into our inbox like a burning ginger on the run from a redhead hating mob. We would like to thank everyone who entered from the hearts of our bottom, we truly enjoyed every single entry we received and studied them all intently before dipping them in the swimming pool of Plotki love and hanging them out to dry. The Israeli government was so upset about not winning with its entry it decided to vent its anger on the arab world and bomb some hospitals, kill some kids and blow up some memebers of the UN. Proof, if ever it was needed, of the importance of this feature. Plotki: making people happy and accidently causing war crimes. Enjoy.

The Task:Design Your Own Swimming Pool
The Top Three Results:

Anti-Penguin Puddle, by Jarek

Jarek in Berlin, was awarded ‘Mr Laughing Germany’ 6 years running before retiring from the sport due to damaging his neck in a ‘laugh-off’ against the Transnistrian national team. He is one of a select group of people that know lots of things about computers and yet retains a personality. He still makes people happy here.

!Click on the image to see it in all its glory!

Swimming Pool of Doom, by Tomak

Tomak in London, is funded by the government to research people who work to bring down the government but denies all allegations of being a spy. He spends his time sitting around squats talking to people and writing down meticulously everything they say. He plans one to day to publish this. He plays golf and yet still claims he’s not a spy.

!Click on the image to see it in all its glory!

Portable Springboard for Non-Swimmers, by Lord Christina Bubbi

Lord Christina Bubbi in Cluj, was born a seagull in the Romanian mountains before transforming herself into a self styled electric fan; she has an irrational fear of water and a life long love of cinnamon. Approach with caution and care, she has been known to bite and spit.

!Click on the image to see it in all its glory!
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