Multclub – a joint animation project – illustrates the difficult political reality in Belarus in series of animation products concerning the latest news. Multclub is a project by the Belarus civic activists community “The Third Way”.

<<The Third Way was initiated and started in August 2004, as a response to the closure of the European Humanities University and Lukashenka’s looming ‘referendum’ to extend his powers to yet another five years or even indefinitely. In less than a year, until July 2005, we have grown to a nation-wide organisation.

One of the projects is the website where we present satirical novellas and cartoons.>>

PLOTKI would like to present a selection of animated cartoons:

“«L» forever”


“Song of the Year”


“How it was?”


More cartoons can be found at

<<One of the main challenges that we survived, was an attack by Belarus’ KGB on us related to production and hosting of 28 satirical cartoons about the realities of Lukashenka’s regime. The attack was in the form of opening a criminal case, with no official suspects, against “production and distribution of materials offending the President”. The case has been investigated jointly by the KGB and the Prosecutor General’s office. Despite that fact that the attack was harsh, we as an organization survived and even thrived. On the negative side, the KGB confiscated some of our equipment and harassed our activists and his relatives with KGB interviews.>>

For suggestions for future artist featuring please contact us info(at)

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