Inhabiting as a political act

Zoon politikon mioritikus is a rather common animal living in different ecosystems around Romania, with an extreme concentration in Bucharest area.

Zoon politikon mioritikus most often acts – obviously, in a political manner – in consideration with his daily needs and sudden itches caused by his extraordinarily sensitive skin, which he (almost) never washes. This might be an explanation for the high noise level in various carciuma (see Plotki encyclopaedia) around the city. Carciuma also plays the role of the parliament and is the core of the public and civic life. The main condition for this behaviour is the coexistence of mici (see Plotki encyclopaedia) and loud music. The great cultural openness of zoon politikon mioritikus leads to a wide range of accepted musical covers ranging from disco to manele (see – yes you guessed – the Plotki encyclopaedia).

But we have a strange case in the north of Bucharest, near one of the most important civic centers: La Cocosatul (The Hunchback), where you can find the best mici in town (not necessarily reliable information). Here we face a non-participative political attitude. The hunchback’s neighbour refuses to participate in the common civic life and expresses his political options in a more architectural manner. 

The Man of the house transforms the entire building into a political protest, but equally into a public cultural centre. His entire philosophical creation is exposed on the courtyard’s fences and all over the improvised buildings. The public space around is also used to expose his idea.

The idea is simple: every Romanian politician is a thief and a criminal, something which everybody will agree upon without a second thought. His demarche is not about new ideas or an original point of view but more about an artistic approach to political issues. Sometimes he gives public conferences, yelled over the street or at a book fair, where he on occasion presents his creations. Again this is not about clarity of thinking or coherence of the topic but a dramatic declamation and dada rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the woman has a more nature-centred approach to the world that she ignores completely. She seems to be the ecological wing of this domestic parliament. She has two passions: husbandry and recycling. So the entire garden, her universe, is laid out like the ultimate expression of this attitude. Among the human architectural creations – goats, chickens, dogs, cats and other cohabitants find their shelter along with plastic bags, tires, tires, bottles, concrete blocs and all recyclable (or not) materials you can dream of.

This political bubble in the city has one final aim, to teach us to say “NO”. And this entire lesson is transformed in the daily life of one of the most remarkable specimen of the zoon politikon mioritikus.



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