Here at Plotki Towers, we take pride in our extensive backyard and sumptuous courtyard – it’s where we plant and nurture the brains of Plotki editors. They grow on vines and are watered by curious reports from all over the bloc and beyond. Sometimes a brain gets overly excited by the quality of a contribution and explodes, leaving a mess all over the yard. This not only causes problems for the western European labour migrant we employ illegally on a laughable wage to clean up after us, but also for the public at large. Why? Because courtyards and backyards are those interesting semi-public/semi-private places; they are ours, but then they also belong to everyone else at the same time.

The rumours emanating from these wonderfully unique places have been responsible for the explosion of nine different brains this month, but we think it’s been worth it. How else would we have met Pan Dozorca or found out how Inhabiting as a Political Act can be so chaotic? Or what I Spy with My 96 Eyes when I look inside The Globe in the Library? Or how The Krakusy i Podwórka change through space and 78-44 changes over time? Or what goes on in a Romanian Parking Lot or in a courtyard in Sofia with Keys, Cats and Mrs. Kojouharova? We wouldn’t know and neither would you and our lives would be as poor and worthless as a dying unwatered brain in a forgotten corner of an disused courtyard.

Assen Ivanov and sinisterpenguin

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