When I think about my 7 years before 1989 I have the impression that nothing was real. Maybe it’s just a normal thing and it has nothing to do with communism.

The remains of those days make this lack of authenticity even larger. There are at least three ways of faking authenticity in photo shots and portraits of my childhood :

By coloring a black white photo with a brush.The real colors should have been improved. The result was a disaster – my blue sweater turned out red, my eyes were green and my eyelids long and sexy. I was celebrating my third anniversary.

unknown Romanian photographer 1987 

By painting a cultural building on a very large sheet and photographing the kid in front of this sheet:

unknown Romanian photographer 1987

A third way had nothing to do with photographic skills. They just disguised us as happy ballet dancers or peasants jumping on Mozart or performing poems about love for our country.


unknown Romanian photographer 1987

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