Authenticity of an isolated place

Palos is a village somewhere in Transilvania, that, like many other villages in Romania, tends to get more and more isolated. Can you call such a place authentic? Do deserted houses that slowly fall apart keep originality within them? And what about those who stop being houses and turn into gardens? How pure is a street on wich your car may sink in on a rainy day? Are simple people living there more or less sincere than somewhere else?


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While I was photographing one of the muddy streets, a man who really fited into the “muddy atmosphere” came across me, kindly greeted me like everyone does in little villages and after I saluted back he asked me smiling but a little confused what I was doing. I answered somehow surprised, since I thought it was very obvious what I was doing, that I was taking pictures. Hearing that, was obviously more than the man could take, so he started laughing out loud, came to me, shook my hand and told me: “If that’s what you like to do, fantastic!” After that he left still having a good laugh, while I stayed behind amazed and happy at the fact that you can develop so much joy because of a stranger that you don’t even really understand.



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