Plotki tries to be many things, and due to our diverse, horizontal and chaotic nature we often fail to be many of the things that we want to and end up becoming many things we never imagined we would be, so hopefully manage to be, without ever trying to be, something which approaches authenticity.

Put simply we are made up of too many bits to have a uniformed direction; we run before we can walk, trip and stumble and then end up face down in the ground… sometimes we end up in a steaming pile of shit, but at other times we uncover little gems from around our bloc and that’s why we keep on trying to bring you a new Plotki every month.

Happy Birthday

Last year a group of older Plotkyists decided to reignite the on-line editions after a break and since then we have been coming up and at you non-stop for over a year; we were there during the hot summer months when you lazed by the swimming pool and when you turned blue after spending too much time in the snow over winter; we were there during the sad times, when Plotki was dead and during the happy times of rejuvenated feminism… but its not been coincidence that Plotki-online has sustained its self during the last year, when our part of Europe was busy pushing back its frontiers… we were working very hard to bring you rumours from around the bloc.

Authentic Rumours

And so that brings us to this month, a wonderfully eclectic selection which hails in the arrival of a new improved and better looking team of on-line editors. Where should we look for authenticity? Maybe to Budapest with a camera [streetread] or maybe inside a Novak’s head [why he didn’t become a prima ballerina], maybe you don’t need to go anywhere at all [welcome home] though travelling could be useful [the authenticity of an isolated place], but you don’t always have to travel geographically but maybe back in time around your house [where is the wall?], or you could look inside yourself and others [seven deadly sins], or even go the Greece [the search for the authentic albanian] and show off some skin [skin level studies on authenticity], but even if you try to put together the jigsaw [authentic puzzle] or manipulate your past to find [authenticity] you are on what will ultimately prove to be an [endless journey].

Plotki is an open project that invites you all: contact(at)plotki.net

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