Two Cities

For a long time Roman Bittner and Jarek Sierpinski worked on the realization of a free project, they started as students at the Academy of Art in Stuttgart and last year finished in Berlin:
It was the attempt to create two virtual cities which can be walked through from every point of the earth, simply by using a webbrowser. Both cities should show a point of evocative and dreamful architecture, one in the past and one in the present.

So they created first the city “USONIA” which in many parts reminds of Las Vegas as an endpoint of post-modern architecture. Usonia is shown by night and the buildings are mainly described by blinking lights. The second city they created was called “ZAROVKA”. This is the czech word for “lightbulb” and it refers to the historical and geographical context of the city, located in the early period of industrialisation and the growing romanticism movement. So both cities mark the bridge between two poles: past-present, historism and postmodernism, Europe and America, romanticism and kitsch.

Make a virtual trip through Usonia by navigating with the back-forward-arrows and the map. Some bulidings can be entered by clicking on them.
You can move through Zarovka by choosing a scenery in the right navigation bar and clicking on the picture of the scenery. If you hold the mouse button you will get the imagination of flying through the scenery. For some interesting additional information about a scenery, you can click on the INFORMATION-button in the left corner, but notice that the text is written in german language.

click here to watch the project ->

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