My home, my castle.

Our flats and houses give us security. They clearly mark a territory. Our own territory, where we can retract, invite friends, turn up the music.

Housing is function. It is as simple as giving us a roof above our head. And yet: Where and how we live tells a lot about ourselves.

Show me your room and I tell you who you are.

I remember once when a good friend visited me for the first time. He quietly walked around my room in slow-motion, making careful steps, checking all corners, his eyes scanning the books on the shelf. I turned red immediately. Now he knows everything I thought.

This month Plotki authors and photographers also step into many houses and apartments and take a look behind the walls. ARCHITECTURE – this months issue is dedicated to various concepts of living styles.

Plotkisty take you on a visit to Rroma communities. The Development Lesson We drive on a highway right through a tower block where about 5.000 people live in. Die Schlange – Schöner Wohnen We will make a rundown apartment resurrect Waiting for Resurrection?.
We squat a cultural centre in Budapest Sacralizing Space and drink a coffee at the famous Café Gerbaud. We share one room with four other students in Romania A few centimetres of you. We hang up a poster of the beloved block in our rooms Plotkiblok. We turn off the lights in the desert Las Vegas Revisited. We plan our own new towns Two Cities.

[…Plotki ‘n Art…]

PLOTKI features artists. This month: Piotr Guzik, photographer from Kraków, Poland.
For suggestions for future artist featuring please contact us info(at)plotki.net.

Nadina Wójcik
Plotki Online

Illustration: Roman Bittner

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