No matter what your native language is, the word AIRPORT is something that you will have come across and connect with your own experiences lived, seen or heard from others.

Once you’ve passed the check in gate, You – the tourist, can benefit from all the ingredients of a pleasant wait. You – the homeless will watch the travelers rushing by while trying to look like one of them. You – the deportee will feel brutally pushed away from one reality to the other.  To You – the employee it will just feel like a normal working day. You – the journalist will write about one of the hundred people that committed suicide while waiting in the refugee accommodation of the transit area for others to decide upon his future.  You – the environmentalist will protest hoping that they will listen to your voice and not build another huge terminal.


This no man’s land is more multicultural than the city that hosts it and hides many more stories than the impersonal walls could tell. We invite you to read some of them in this issue which is dedicated to all the mobile people around the globe and to their aspirations…

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