Gabrijela Ivanov, Zagreb

gabrijela ivanov, gabe
31.5.1976, Zadar, Croatia
@ 9:10 am
work in progress.
almost dangerously curious.
online/sharing communities/projects, gender issues, queer theories and practices,  holistic and permacultural approach, human as body-mind-spirit complex, design, web programming, open software, vj-ing

grew up in zadar, croatia
graduated from university of computer science in zagreb,
worked in a software company,
went to women’s studies,
worked in a women’s ngo,
co-founded an ngo in croatia called
commonzone, alliance for creative development,
(top of my priority list)
been involved in (film and pop culture) printed and online magazines.
member of core organizing team of Tabor FF,
international short film festival in croatia.

personal: – blog – what i’m listening

commonzone portals:

gabrijela dot ivanov [at] gmail dot com

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