Adam Dupaski, Kraków

Dupaski began writing poetry on the 19th floor of a São Paulo apartment building. In Tokyo he forgot his poems to the skateboards of Shibuya, only to pick them up again in the suburbs of The Heart of It All (Ohio, USA). One night in Gooski’s bar, in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Dupaski first contemplated moving to Poland to discover how he wound up with such a surname (see The Dupa in Plotki’s ‘Bodies’ issue). He now finishes poems on trains between Kraków and Sędziszów Małopolski, and while waiting for flights (always delayed) back to Ohio. He also teaches English and is finishing his master’s degree program at the Jagiellonian University with a focus on Polish literature and memory and exile studies. He is still unsure whether he should change his surname. He is still in search of the best kremówka pastry Kraków has to offer.

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