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Old Women’s Democracy

More than once I note in discussions that the mentioning of the association “old women” creates strong (at best ambivalent) reactions. Curious about old women, I try to combine familiar observations with a distance-look at the unfamiliar case of  old women creating radical democracies. When old women dream of creating communes giving themselves names such as "the Babayagas" or "the Olgas ", they also invent novel relationships in democracy, and that’s why they are so contested. But their example shows forms of solidarity that are neither ancestoral nor based on a national patriarchal welfare system and family support. Continue reading

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Pilotki Manifesto

An open invitation to all

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Sucking pain

 A non-melancholic experiment with a pipe.

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The future is our only objective

Adapting and adopting the Russian avantgardist Stepanova as idol for the construction of the Pilotki fashion project and the femzine project.

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Wolf und Katz

Eine Liebesgeschichte zum September

Sascha hatte kurze Haare und sagte kaum ein Wort. Am Anfang schien es Kim so, als ob Sascha aus einem anderen Land käme. Lilli avait rencontré Claude auf der Flucht.

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Sehnsucht nach den Sternen? / Homesick for something

Where is my country? What is my country? Who lives there? What does it mean in my country to reach for the stars?

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Nicole Dörr, Berlin

Snow, falling from the sky in big flakes. Touches the earth and melts, because it was in February 1978 and in February it is already quite warm in the village. The smelling of fresh air, Outside. Everything can happen to you, life goes in circles, seasons. Nicole likes winter and summer, wild dancing and swimming in a lake, guitar playing, coffee. She is endlessly homesick of the east that she still doesn’t know any more. Water. In Nicole’s work and life, the dialogue of passion and reason are the motors of creativity. She is always learning new things and so sometimes needs a rest. At the moment, she lives in Firenze. Romania and Plotkisty deeply opened Nicole for images. Now she wants to found, together with others, the Pilotki-utopia. You will see. nicole(at)plotki.net

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Blue and yellow – Where lies Europe?

A puzzle about places that might lie inside Europe, and yet do not…

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Toy Guns

Impressions from a trip through Ex-Yugoslavia. Bridges are being rebuilt. Churches and mosques are burning. Children play with toy guns.

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Liberty in plastic bags

About a daytrip to London…

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