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Connecting the dots of timely thoughts

Some tried and true Plotkisty jot down their instantly appearing associations with time and east

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Jaka Primorac, Zagreb

Born in 1977, Zagreb, Croatia.Studied sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. Received MA in Culture and Society at CEU/CSS, Warsaw and Budapest, accredited by Lancaster University, UK. Works at the Institute for International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia. Likes to take photographs and to travel.

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Jacek Hobbit

The Lord of the Shop-windows and his little plastic man with small silicone hands.

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To work or not to work…

Plotki’s first showdown in Croatia: it was planned to happen on a Sunday, in a book shop in Zagreb. But than …. a new law was passed that prohibits work on this holy weekday. No work, no bookshop, no Plotki. Jaka Primorac about the New Sundays in Croatia…

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