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Editorial – Contraband

Traders, Transnistria and unexpected contraband goods. This months Plotki brings to you a selection of rumours on Contraband.
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Editorial – Solidarity

This months Plotki looks for Solidarity and finds itself on demonstrations in Prague, on the streets of Solidarnosc and even gives a Pioneer’s word of honour.

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Don’t bloc my road

A new report from the fantastic world of “funny jobs in the service-based society”.
This month: Car transfer. Step on the accelerator, turn up the volume and hit the road.

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Baia Grivita – Bucharest’s last public bath

For some a public sauna is a relaxing and refreshing experience – for others it’s a substitute for a private bathroom. Enter the heat and steam to meet the locals at Bucharest’s last public bath.

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Editorial H.O.A.Y.

This months Plotki Updated Rumours were asking: How old are you? (H.O.A.Y.) Find some unexpected answers about time travel, good old rock’n’roll or the life prolonging effect of Palinca.

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Cu Ocazia – People in Transit

Is there any relationship between the process of transition and the means of travelling in a post socialist country? A photo series of hitchhikers in Romania and Moldova looks for answers.

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Where is the wall?

Tourists might get lost in Berlin on their search for the authentic site of the former Berlin wall. But instead of the concrete walls of the old border they will find wasteland. Only a few places in reunited Berlin still serve as reminders of the wall…

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Plotki is not black and white. It’s probably not blue either. Still, this online issue is dedicated to the fascinating  colour BLUE and the stories it inspires.

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This month’s “Updated Rumours” go nonstop. Plotki authors look for features from around the bloc that happen uninterrupted. Don’t stop here but jump inside and see what they found…

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bewegte bilder

Are you an expert on Eastern Europe? Check out the Plotki Quiz and get one of the Traveling Photoalbums in your letterbox…

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Felix Wolf, Berlin

Felix was born and raised in Berlin and has spent some time in Bucharest and Dublin for work and studies. As a member of the Berlin based Aid Initiative for Romania and Moldova he got to know many things about Eastern Europe. Felix joined the Plotki group in 2003 when the "Voluntary" seminar was in preparation. As a board member in PLOTKI’s parent NGO Rejs e.V. he occasionally helps to raise funds for future projects. Among other things he is interested in labour policy in the East and the West and has some affinity to Romanian-speaking countries. felix.wolf(at)plotki.net

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This month PLOTKI “updated rumours” explore life and politics in Belarus under the shadow of the upcoming presidential elections.

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The re-election of Alexander Lukashenka is scheduled for March 19th. A colourful revolution like in other countries around the CIS bloc is rather unlikely..

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Rosu Domestic

In Bucharest an exhibition shows the very usual daily things of Romanian communist domestic space. An interview with the organizers

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Snow Plough Driver

Wherever I have been the beautiful previously untouched snow cover is destroyed. I destruct the white paths; I make it impossible for daddies to pull their happy fully wrapped child on a sled. Snow is something to be put away…. A Plotkisty Report by Felix Wolf about snowy night shifts in Berlin.

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