Rejs e.V.

Rejs e.V.
is a Berlin based non-profit organisation.

Rejs e.V. initiates and supports cultural projects which foster dialogue and understanding between people in East and West. Since the formal foundation of the organization in 1999, Rejs e.V. has been organizing various multinational workshops and seminars in Central and East European countries. Furthermore Rejs e.V. is a platform for a variety of publications and exhibition projects.

[Intercultural/ Exchange projects]

– a selection –

since 2000, PLOTKI – rumours from around the bloc
Monthly online publication of rumours from central and eastern Europe
Print-publications on Parallel Worlds, Failed Projects, Playgrounds, Normal, Voluntary and Nightshift

2008, Fremdbilder
Photo workshop for young migrants and Germans encouraging the intercultural dialogue.
Outcome: Exhibition presented in Frankfurt, Prague and Brussels

2008, Stories from the Seaside
Board magazine with a collection of photos, articles, artwork from the Baltic Sea

2007, Wer oder was bewegt Belarus
Panel discussion about the working conditions of subculture activists in Belarus

2007, Nosztalgia – ways of revisiting the socialist past
Reflection on how post-socialist societies remember the times until 1989
Outcome: Printed Publication, Online Encyclopedia and Exhibition

2006, Femzine
Zine exploring the hidden and the more obvious aspects of gender realities in our contemporary central and eastern European cultural sphere.
Outcome: Printed Magazine and Pilotki fashion line

2006, Work is Elsewhere
16 personal stories about people who chose a mobile life within Europe.
Outcome: Printed Publication, Exhibitions and Discussions


2000, Asche und Diamant?
Polish stories in the films of Andrzej Wajdas
Authors: Stefan Meyer and Robert Thalheim


2008, Räuber (to be finished)
Documentary film about the bandit Nikola Suhaj – a Robin Hood figure in the Carpathian mountain region

2006, Das Bild des Anderen – Stereotypen in Deutschland und Polen
Filmworkshop in Frankfurt/Oder – Słubice
Outcome: 3 Shortfilms

2005, Der Blick über den Fluss
Videoworkshop for young people from Poland and Germany.
Outcome: Documentary Film

2002, Granica – Die Grenze
Shortfilm by Robert Thalheim


Rejs e.V.
Brunnenstr. 162
D- 10119 Berlin

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