Creative Writing Workshop (in German)

6. July, 11 – 17h, Rostock harbour, workshop-tent at the festival area

To inspire and give people the chance to express themselves in new ways, Loesje has developed a special way of creative text writing. By writing together and using many nice and crazy warming up games, creativity is set lose. The participants gets the chance to bring their own themes and interests into the workshop and a cultural and ideological exchange takes place between them, with and without paper. Use your right to freedom of expression while having fun… no previous experience is needed.
There will be two possibilities to join the workshop: at 11.00 and at 15.00. The workshop takes approximately three hours and it’s good if 
you can join the whole time.

Rola Ståhl, (born 1979 in Sweden), studied political science & feminism 
in Stockholm before moving to Berlin to spend more time with Loesje – 
the Dutch poster girl spreading her innovative texts on posters all over 
the world. Since three years busy at the international Loesje office 
supporting people starting up new Loesje groups and coordinating 
international projects. Enjoys traveling, a good laugh, furry animals 
and books.

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