1. Creative Writing Workshop (in Estonian and Russian)

10.8.2008, 14-18h, Narva-Joesuu harbor, workshop tent 

with Deniss from Loesje

2. Shots from the Seaside (in English)

9.8.2008, 14-18h, Narva-Joesuu harbor, workshop tent

A photographic workshop (max. 10 participants/ own digital cameras) Within the workshop the participants will get a basic introduction into theory and practice of documentar photography. Beginning with a technical workshop (adjusted to the previews knowledge of the participants) we will then analyze the visual language of historic and contemporary documentary photographers. This is followed by a hands-on training where the participants can realize their own ideas. The outcomes will be discussed in group sessions and in individual consultations with the workshop leader.

The best workshop outcomes will be published in the PLOTKI magazine.

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Stephanie Endter (*1979 in Munich) studied photography and digital imaging in Reading (UK). Since 2003 she is working as a freelance photographer and transnational cultural project manager and curator based in Berlin. (see nosztalgia and work is elsewhere)

3. Poster Workshop (in English)

11.8.2008, 14 – 18h, Narva-Joesuu harbor, workshop tent 

Creation of the posters/illustrations about the culture/ecology in the Baltic Sea region that could be shown during the Moving Baltic Sea Festival and then published in Plotki magazine (illustrations).
Fabrications of the posters in a old style way (drawing, collages, handmade typography), illustrations-collages made from the components found during the voyage (newspapers, magazines any other paper gadgets).

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Jaga Jankowska-Cappigny
Graphic artist, designer, illustrator.
Born in 1976 in Warsaw, Poland. Studied at the Fine Arts Academy in
Warsaw and École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
Based in Montmartre, Paris since September 2001 (with a short brake for
London in 2006). From 2004 she works as a freelance graphic designer
and illustrator

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