Editing Workshops

Authors and photographers from all over Central Eastern Europe are asked to mail us their contributions – in English only please – that deal with the Baltic Sea region. Any topic is possible, but ideas might include… a personal portrait of fisher man, an exploration into the over-fishing of the Baltic Sea, a photo essay about environmental pollution or the hordes of Baltic Sea beach tourists, a poem about Baltic Sea storms, a fiction story about the ‘Pirates of the Baltics’….let your creativity flow and take a swim in PLOTKI’s broad ocean, soon be filled with your "Stories from the seaside"!

If you have questions about the topic of your contribution or need assistance for your research, feel free to contact the PLOTKI editorial board: nadine(at)plotki.net

Please send us your contribution to: movingbalticsea(at)plotki.net
Deadline: 25.07.2008
Questions, ideas, info: nadine(at)plotki.net

Authors and photographers with the best contributions will be invited to a PLOTKI editing workshop at one of our tour stops. The aim of this workshop is to discuss each contribution in small editing teams and prepare for publication.

Dates of editing workshops at the "Moving Baltic Sea"-festivals

Gdansk, 12.7.2008, 11-18h, venue to be confirmed
Riga, 1.8.2008, 11-18h, venue to be confirmed
Narva-Joesuu, 10.8.2008, 11-18h, venue to be confirmed

PLOTKI Editing Workshop trainers

in Gdansk, Riga and Narva-Joesuu


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