Call for authors, artists, journalists and photographers
Deadline: June 11th 2009

PLOTKI magazine, youth portal and citizen journalism platform are looking for authors, artists, photographers and journalists with an interest in exploring Belarusian life from the inside.



*Project description*

Until recently Belarus has been often seen as a country stuck in the  
Soviet past.  Today the EU officials consider the possibility of  
establishing a dialog with "the last European dictatorship", which in  
its turn is studiously hiding the Belarusian realities behind the  
facades and proclamations very much reminding those of the Soviet era.  
Behind them one can find a unique culture, unique problems and unique  
people who are still in search of their own unique identity.
Aim of the international project "Belarus Inside-Out" is to  
investigate, critically approach and creatively disclose the various  
aspects of Belarusian reality through the exchange of ideas between  
Belarusian and non-Belarusian counterparts.
Young authors, artists, photographers and journalists from Belarus,  
Germany, Czech Republic and other CEE countries are invited to  
contribute creatively to an attempt of making Belarus more  
understandable to the international public. Together we shall analyze  
the variety of socio-cultural dimensions of Belarusian everyday life;  
we shall turn inside out the old stereotypes and create the new ones;  
we shall look for a unique image of Belarus and spread it around.

*Project realization*

The core of the project is a 10 days seminar which will take place in  
Belarus from the 14th to the 23rd of August 2009. It will consist of  
two parts: the workshop and the research trip.
All participants will gather for a 2 days workshop in the picturesque  
Belarusian countryside to discuss their project ideas and present  
first work drafts. The small research teams consisting of Belarusian  
and non-Belarusian participants will work together on one specific  
project theme.
Each of the teams will then engage in a personal 7 days research trip  
throughout the country.  After the research trip all of the  
participants will gather in Minsk for a 1 day of sharing their  
experience and impressions.
The gathered material will later be compiled in a bilingual  
publication, which will be distributed in the CEE countries.
In January 2010 all project outcomes will be presented at release  
event in Berlin where the participants will meet once more.


There are various aspects of a socio-cultural life and countless  
topics connected to each of it: from the phenomenon of the generation  
"Y" to the immigration of youth, from the tragic consequences of  
Chernobyl disaster to the unique natural wonders, from the co-
existence of the various religious confessions to the life of sexual  
minorities. The project plans to explore the interesting, little-
known, controversial, provocative and exciting sides of the Belarusian  
day-to-day life. We are welcoming your ideas about the topics you  
would like to cover.


Everybody is invited to apply. We particularly encourage young  
authors, artists, photographers and journalists with an interest in  
Eastern Europe and in Belarus in particular. Applicants should be  
willing to be part of an international team and produce work within  
their chosen theme in the frame of the project "Belarus Inside-Out".  
Since the working language is English, a confident knowledge of  
English is required. Deadline for application is June 11, 2009.

For more information contact us:  belarus(at)

*Application procedure*
 Please fill in the following application form, attach your short CV  
(max. 1 page long) + working samples and send it to  
belarus(at)  until June 11, 2009

° Name
° Age
° Citizenship

° Field of studies and/or occupation
° Motivation for your participation and main interests
° How did you hear about the project?
° Please send us some working samples:
–  as an author/journalists: published/unpublished texts
–  as an artist/ photographer: a small selection of paintings/graphics/
photos/comics etc.
(max 10 files, web compatible, overall file size no bigger than 5 MB)

° Please send us an idea about your possible contribution to the  
project "Belarus Inside-Out"

We are very much looking forward to your application!

Many greetings
PLOTKI,, iBelarus


*PLOTKI* is a project from around the bloc. PLOTKI brings together  
writers, photographers and graphic artists from Central and Eastern  
Europe in order to create a magazine that investigates our cultural  
sphere. PLOTKI was founded in 2000 by a group of students from Berlin,  
Warszawa and Praha. In the meantime plotkisty from all over Central  
and Eastern Europe have joined us. Our goal is to increase and  
intensify the contact between former East and West, between  
neighboring countries and people. (

** is an open blogging platform which mission is to  
encourage the development of citizen journalism in Belarusian regions. (

** is a team of publicly active young people from  
Belarus: specialists (artists, designers, journalists) and amateurs of  
information technologies, leaders on their work and study places. This  
is a team of creative people who use modern attitudes as the best way  
of work with the most progressive part of Belarusian society
students and youth. (

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