the n\osztalgia encyclopedia Project:

The n\osztalgia encyclopedia is a long-term project which contains a conglomeration of various manifestations of the phenomenon of post-socialistic nostalgia.


This follow-up encyclopedia project was initially a joint project of two magazines, Plotki (Berlin) and Anthropolis (Budapest). Established within the framework of the German-Hungarian Cultural Year 2007, n\osztalgia aims at reflecting how post-socialist societies remember the time until 1989 – questioning who recollects, what is recalled and how it is remembered. Young artists, photographers, scholars and writers from both sides of the “Iron Curtain” jointly investigated and critically questioned the wave of (n)ostalgia in different (South and Central) Eastern European countries from a comparative and transdisciplinary perspective. The results of the research made by a generation “in-between” were presented in visual artworks, sound installations and essays. Have a look at various ways of remembering the socialist past here or in the print publication “n\osztalgia – ways of revisiting the socialist past”.

The encyclopedia: 

The second chapter of this project now (2009) -20 years after the Fall of the Wall- is embedded in a new scholarship with the cultural association SEE.ID- in dialogue with South-Eastern Europe (Klagenfurt/Marburg/Berlin) which we, the Berlin team of n\osztalgia, hope will not be a once only cooperation with others.  

In short: The n\osztalgia encyclopedia is an open-ended, hyper-textual assembly of texts, pictures and sounds in various genres – small scholarly essays, polemic articles, critical reflections, personal recollections, collages, photo essays, acoustic memories – it can be pop, it can be art, it can be academical. 

Everybody is invited to join the project by contributing to the n\osztalgia encyclopedia. Besides, we are highly interested in cooperations and networking with other institutions which focus on the same theme – the post-socialistic history and its open aftermath questions in nowadays transformed countries. 

participate here: Encyclopedia

or send an email to: encyclopedia(at)nosztalgia.net

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Old N\osztalgia Project:

Project description
Coordinators and participants
Sponsors and partners


The artworks that were elaborated in the frames of the project were presented in an exhibition at the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin (September 28 – November 4, 2007). Click on the images…

pictures by Stephanie Endter


You can read here what the party guests in Berlin came up with when asked about nostalgia.

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