Same Sweater, same Trousers, same Jackets. There are couples out there that dress completely alike.

A Photo-Essay about the mystery partnerlook.

partnerlook is a way of dressing

partnerlook implies that a couple wears the same kind of clothing, i.e. same colours, shapes and patterns.

a couple dressed in partnerlook demonstrates a strong connection to their environment displaying their togetherness and unity by wearing the same clothes creates an "I am you – you are me" effect.
thus a "two-of-us unity" is generated in the present age, where the individual represents the ideal of society, the partnerlook seems to be threatened by extinction. yet it still exists, evoking certain questions.

the phenomenon partnerlook highlights a fundamental conflict. wearing the same kindof clothing may be a voluntary decision. but what lies behind the facade?

"Voluntay dependency is the most beautiful state, and how would it be possible without love?"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 ? 1832), German poet

"Luck is a Synonym for ruthless adaptation."
Stanislaw Brzozowski (1878 ? 1911), Polish Writer

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