On Streetlevel

Steps for ducks, mailboxes for bottles? Did you ever notice the anonymous every day help performed by strangers? A Photo-Essay about the little amendments in life.

Some people are really trying to make the world better. Spilling theirs guts for others to be happy. Many of these actions are barely noticed. They are small and subtle only seen between the lines. A combination of a good heart and a strange brain. Equipped with a camera I set out to track down and sublimate them the credit they deserve.

This small rehabilitation center for sutt addicts was recently established in the botanical garden of Aarhus, Denmark. It has been a major success, over 300 former abusers are now free from the sutt devil.

A small infrastructure project dedicated to make the life of ducks easier.

On the island of Tjockö, on the road between sauna and the supermarket, a productive citizen has built two chairs for tired people to rest on.

On a bridge in central Stockholm, someone has installed a mailbox for bottles. A pipe running down to the water ensures a secure path.

Spring doch
An instruction sign at the lidingö bridge in Stockholm.

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