you block my world

estates can be found both in the east and west. today only a few people
like them. the times when the block was a symbol for modernism and
unrestricted quality of life are over. now people blame them for many
shortcomings and even for their own dissatisfaction. that’s not right.
the block is worthy of love. block is pop!
block : countless possibilities

point1 – nightlife

let the block entertain you.
people shouldn’t get bored by their everyday life.
sometimes diversion does make sense.
in a block estate there is always a party happening somewhere. enjoy
the temporary bars and clubs which support the local party scene in the
city centers. every apartment is a potential in-location. check out the
exclusive star lounges on the roofs of the block buildings. breathe the
fresh air, have a drink. the atmosphere and the view are amazing and
for free.

relax at the drive-in cinemas. you will have a good time with this very special type of repertory movie theater.
meet your friends at the parking lot in front of the block. even if you have no car you shouldn’t miss it.
have fun with the popular telescope-peepshow. this individual and
interactive sort of entertainment offers you surprising live-acts.
decide if you watch comedy, thriller or porn. just sit with your
binoculars at the window. nowhere else is it possible to be that close
to your very personal stars.


the block makes you sexy
a partner makes your life more fun. if you are living in a block,
you’re the lucky one. you have a pretty good chance to meet the boy or
girl of your dreams. it’s simple. use the blind-date machine at the
block entrance. there you find the old types with one button for one
contact as well as the new and modern ones equipped with an electric
display and number codes.
be brave, you’ll get lucky!
spend your time at the open chat-space. every block has designated
zones for talking, flirting, getting together. there’s no need to be


block takes notice
people feel better when they can talk about their problems or show
their emotions. the block offers you a complex communication
express yourself by using the free public space in and around the block
in a creative way. outdoors you have countless walls and other surfaces
for water-resistant, spray-can art. indoors you can prove your talent
and express your feelings at the public-performance-platform. this
platform reaches from your apartment door up to the elevator and can be
used for art exhibitions, corridor-poetry-slams or spontaneous
improvisations with the neighbors.
take advantage of the direct flow of information inside the block.
always stay up to date. the thin wall- and floor-elements and the
clever arrangement of heating installations, running through all
floors, guarantee a direct and wireless information network.


the block makes you sweat
to feel fresh and healthy you should play sport regularly.
only few people know that the block architects integrated a
professional gym inside the block building. flex your muscles by using
the vertical-track-tower. the staircase is the perfect work-out area
for the pretentious sportsman. the vertical-track-tower offers
different levels for both beginner and expert. spectators will cheer
you on, push you to unknown heights and help you achieve personal
running, gymnastics, sports with children, fitness circle. everything is possible.
get your kicks, explore the meaning of fun-sport.
in every block there is a standard fear-and-panic-simulation-machine.
the simulation includes the experience of free fall, a special sound
installation and a stroboscopic light-show. you can choose the duration
of the stand-art display. don’t be afraid. in case of fainting you can
press the emergency button. it’s a block, it’s safe.
block : countless possibilities
it is likely that the block’s biggest success is still to come and will
bring it limitless popularity. the block as megablock as an interactive
mechanical, chemical and electrical aggregates and a
closed-circulation-infrastructure will ensure the self-sufficiency of
the block unit. a constantly changing environment of real and virtual
rooms will make an exciting adventure-machine out of the block. the
block will be able to simulate every possible emotional experience.
science-fiction will become reality. someday the block, then a
micro-unit (in relation to the entire universe) suitable for
star-traveling and moonwalks, will fly to space and realize the dreams
of a better life.
a star is reborn. enter the block. now!

get your own scale copy of the huge plotki-starcut-‘block’.
cut the pieces, stick them together, your superposter is ready to use.

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