The Twins

I think it is unnecessary to explain the date 11.9.2001. Everybody knows.
"The day after", my cousin sent me an sms-text: "Advertisement: I’m
selling some office rooms in the World Trade Centre. PS: Something
stormed me to it!"
Some people find that funny, some don’t. This was the first message of
this type I received, other sms-texts and e-mails referring to the
attack followed very quickly. Most of them were pictures, with some
‘suitable’ description.

These texts and pictures show how people cope with such an act, how
seriously they perceive it. And the word "seriously" has two meanings.

Another ‘joke’ was to type two letters "NY" in MS Word, make them as
big as possible and change the font to ‘Wingdings’ – then you can see
two symbols: a skull and crossbones and the star of David. The first
question is obvious: Who invented ‘Wingdings’? And then other questions
come to mind: Is there anywhere left where there aren’t terrorists?
Could Bill Gates be one of them?

I don’t want to convince anyone of anything. There are already lots of
articles commenting on these events from different viewpoints.
Internet, e-mails and sms texts are the modern way of talking about it
privately, or more publicly. Their common feature is that the authors
can stay as anonymous – as the terrorists were before they crashed into
the buildings. Also now, these ‘anonymous’ show their ‘readiness’ to
write funny stories as they like to become famous ‘anonyms’.
Any news, no matter how serious, can become a playground for many
people to prove that they are brave, active, amusing, sarcastic,
anti-globalisation, anti-American, pro-democratic, anti-Islam . . . as
you can see on the pictures here.

The authors simply tell us "I disagree", "I agree", or they are somehow
neutral. Anyway, each of them proves to us that he/she knows what
happened and that they are also affected in some way.
The creators of these pictures and other types of jokes are also
showing us their powerlessness to change things anyway. It’s their way
of struggling with the fear they have inside.

I’m not saying that this only applies to "the others". Even me, I could
say something similar, perhaps not so anonymously: "Wasn’t it more like
‘Double Impact’? /J. C. van Damme movie/
I would like to assure those who think that I am trying to propagate
any of these opinions that they are wrong. What I want to do is to look
in the mirror of our own societies, which are coping with these events.
Anonymity gives us a possibility to show the not very nice face of our
"liberal, democratic, peaceful societies", as we usually like to label

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