Plotki-issue No.3 »Playgrounds« was compiled by writers
and designers from around the bloc on the playgrounds of Brno. By ways
of experiment, we had the chance to additionally invite contributors
from Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and Lithuania to our international
seminar, taking place for the third time, this time in the Czech
Republic. The meeting was most thrilling: it dynamised, catalysed our
mutual understanding as well as our differences. It was a hectic mix-up
of middle-eastern European potentiality! Now the pieces lie before you.
A complicated puzzle…
(That´s why we decided to make a contentpage).

1. When moving around in Berlin, look closely at the people, faces,
haircolour, the mission is to subvert the everyday obedience game.
2. You arrive in Brno. Here the figures of the playground become alive
and you will have to survive in a complicated multi-ethnic landscape.
3. If being a minority, you have to think of how to survive, use your
imagination, struggle for your creative freedom in Transsylvania.

4. Struggle for your sanity with Mr.Balog.
5. In Romania you become entangled in a fantastic play of a coun-try¹s
so called historical and political revolution; who is playing whom now?
6. Don¹t play around anymore, decide to love, Sabine or Zdenka.

7. Or rather be an eternal, irresponsible child, see the whole (Rumanian) society as a theatreplace.

8. There is a quest for you in the mystical heritage of the Bulgarian Nestinars.
9. If celebrating in Hungary, follow the play of historical data.
10. In the Czech Republic, football and theatre seem to be one and the same game.

11. The actors of a religious dispute in Warszawa clearly know their roles on stage.

12. Are we playing around, or is this for real?
13. In a certain Czech epoch, it is adventurous and dangerous play-ing Indian.
14. In Poland, the past plays a game with the present lives of two people.

15. Form your own team against the outside world, if this is possible.
16. Play along in a Jewish cultural festival.

17. Did the current war turn the world into a black and white scheme or
18. are the twin societies mirroring themselves?

19. The ideal playground is the block!
20. Some playgrounds are more free in some parts of the world than in others.

Have fun = »Bawcie sie dobrze«
= »play well«!

Anna Kogut, Berlin

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