Roma children in Czech towns

photographs, Brno 1996

The first pictures I took of Roma were matters of
accidental encounters. You walk down the streets waiting for something
to capture your eye, anything, and very quickly you are accosted by
half a dozen Roma children. They are friendly, full of smiles, curious
and demanding. Then you meet some families and through photography as a
basis you develop a relationship.

This series of photos
represents a friendly and more or less long term exchange with the
children and their families and inevitably show their exuberance,
liveliness and warmth compared with the placid and more repressed
feelings expressed by the Czechs. They could stand as a documentary, a
social and cultural statement for the way these children are part of an
environment, but they also have to remain as captured moments in the
exiting process of communication with others.

Photography as a medium must be overtaken by reality and not only contemplated on for its aesthetic value.

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