Adam Dupaski, Kraków

Dupaski began writing poetry on the 19th floor of a São Paulo apartment building. In Tokyo he forgot his poems to the skateboards of Shibuya, only to pick them up again in the suburbs of The Heart of It All (Ohio, USA). One night in Gooski’s bar, in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Dupaski first contemplated moving to Poland to discover how he wound up with such a surname (see The Dupa in Plotki’s ‘Bodies’ issue). He now finishes poems on trains between Kraków and Sędziszów Małopolski, and while waiting for flights (always delayed) back to Ohio. He also teaches English and is finishing his master’s degree program at the Jagiellonian University with a focus on Polish literature and memory and exile studies. He is still unsure whether he should change his surname. He is still in search of the best kremówka pastry Kraków has to offer.

Damien Brailly

Born in 1980 in Lyon. Since 2005 i study photography in Warsaw where i try to find my Italian roots and improve my English, without great success till now.

Ira Hadzic


Natalia Marianchyk

Journalist, Kyiv
Was born in Kyiv in 1986, just the same year when the Chornobyl disaster happened. Because of it I am usually called "kid of Chornobyl". My birthday is the 24th of August, which is the Independence Day in Ukraine since 1991 so I try to be patriotic and independent working on any project.
Usually I am where the most exciting stuff in happening in Kyiv – art vernisages, parties, presentations, concerts, discos. I love my city and want other people to love it as well. Trying to search for unusual and interesting information spending my young years in Kyiv. Former deputy editor in local entertaining English-language mag What’s On.

Katarzyna Pabijanek

professional dilettante, feminist, and nomad. I make things out of light, pixels, cleverness, brute force, insomnia, and whatever junk I find in my pockets. I work as a curator and critic, city hopping between Berlin, Budapest, Cracow, and Warsaw.

Elis Aunaste

1979, Estonia. Rather dark corner to be born in – the cause of karma debt, I realized. Later pushed myself through the studies of psychology. Why oh why, I thought after an enlightening experience in the field of military psychology. I literally stopped behaving ridiculously from that clear moment on and found myself in Colombia. At the present moment I’m in Estonia again, working in the field of media creating texts, photos and doing other irrational and amusing things. Proud to be a Plotkist since the beginning of 2007.

Christian Binder

Christian was born 22 years ago in Brasov, Romania. Due to his transilvanian roots he’s a rather calm person, but after living the last eight years in Bern (capital of Switzerland and slow people) his pulse went down to two beats per minute. He also learnt how to get into short hibernations on many bustravels from the city where bears are kept in a ditch, to the city where bears are free to eat everything the locals throw away (neither of those bears hibernates, so don’t think of any conection). Currently searching a place with less animals, but more people acting alike.


Billi from Pilli was born on the east bank of the Nistru river and raised to a champion belly-dancer and a Transylvanian freak. After spending many years wondering around the bloc searching for, but failing to find, a man with a sausage in his pocket he enrolled at the Central European University in Budapest to study sociology. Naturally this led him on an upward spiral of drink, drugs and multi- disciplinary-orgies. It was only after he graduated that he realised he had been barking up the wrong tree and so decided to dedicate his life to being an on-line Plotki editor. Happily this led him to a man with a sausage in his pocket. He is a good, hard working, but simple, Plotkyist.

Roman Bittner

Born in 1971 in Berlin. He grows up at the Kaiserdamm, went to school in Ulm and studied Grafik-Design at the State Academy of Art in Stuttgart. Works now together with his friend in Berlin since 2002 as an illustrator and grafik-designer under the name "Apfel Zet". His spare time he tries to fill with Rockmusic, Soccer, Architecture and his wife dschulia and the twins nemo und mia.

Visit his company site: 

Miriam Knichalla

Born in the woods, grown up with the smell of big fat piggies and still looking for an answer to the question: Why is god almost ever hiding in a foxhole? While waiting for the response to come, me is exploring stuff. Main project at the moment: Trying to get rid of my lifestyle bourgois. You need to know that it sucks me in like hell. And I might lose. "Good girls, little girls can never be warriors." But there is no guarantee.

Millay Hyatt

Born in the early seventies in a big hot state of the U.S., Millay roamed restlessly back and forth across the Atlantic for twenty-eight years until she found Berlin. She has been poor in Paris, on the radio in Alaska, and happy riding the bus in Los Angeles. She writes and thinks about utopia, flesh, libraries, Hegel, and animals, likes cold dark winters, traveling by land, and is something of a book fetishist. She is allowed to call herself Doctor which she occasionally does.

Kristin Höltge, Berlin/London

Born and raised in the East bloc and currently living in London, Kristin is a fan of Plotki for its talented and unconventional people, its creative and exploratory projects, and its inclusive approach. She joint Plotki in 2003.

Assen Ivanov, Amsterdam

Assen Ivanov – freelance graphic designer and visual artist, based in Amsterdam since 1996. Published the book "Streetread" in 2002; founded the audio-visual collective "Flow" in 2004 (in collaboration with K.Dobrev – bass player). Passion for: underground music, travelling, European cinema, reading, writing, ecology, football…

Simina Guga, Bucharest

Spider from Mars…


Vid Jeraj, Zagreb

Freelance journalist and writer, adores EE writers and AA music. On a daily basis reads a sum of letters fitting with metropolis newspapers since age of four, talks 1/4 of it and types a certain half altogether.

Carolina Singeisen, Basel

1977, Switzerland, lives and works as an artist and teacher in Basel. What I like: To draw what I see, to see what I dream, to swim in the lake, to ask what they make, to travel with the train, to dance in the lane. And lots of other things, of course.


Myroslava Keryk, L’viv

Born in a village near the Polish-Ukrainian border, studied history in famous not only in Ukraine city L’viv/Lemberg/Lwów and later moved to study history and sociology to the Central European capitals – Budapest and Warsaw. After travelling around the Central Europe feels that she belongs to this part of the world and here is her place, at least for now.

Kajetan Tadrowski, Frankfurt a.M.

Kajetan Martin Maria Tadrowski, born 1975 in Posen, Poland, worked a.o. as a delivery boy of flowers, iceman, truck-driver, carpenter, call-center-agent, journalist and teacher for German language. Currently busy as integration course teacher, student, father and friend. Contemporary motto of live: "nil omne". Most important aim: to overcome phlegm.

Jaka Primorac, Zagreb

Born in 1977, Zagreb, Croatia.
Studied sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. Received MA in Culture and Society at CEU/CSS, Warsaw and Budapest, accredited by Lancaster University, UK. Works at the Institute for International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia. Likes to take photographs and to travel.

Ioana Bunescu, Bucharest

Sociologist born in Bucharest/Romania, but I have been living in Hungary, Poland and currently in Denmark. Probably life will bring me back South soon. I like everything good and beautiful and I try to do a bit of everything: research, writing, photo, paint.

Paulina Jędrzejewska, Warszawa

Paulina is completely average in everyway, has no interesting characteristics, life history and a personality which is beyond boring. This is reflected in her work. She was born in a well, the offspring of a three legged traveling magician and a tv weather girl and spent her early life scraping a living as a sock saleswoman in Warsaw before being given a camera by a pleased customer. She has an IQ for 189, was Miss Poland seven years running and hold the current Olympic record for 100m breaststroke. Her interests are collecting shoe laces and interstellar space travel.

Irina Dragan, Bucharest

I was born in Bucharest, Romania, in early September – by ’early’ I mean end of summer, and not beginning of autumn, since the only thing that I consider to have in common with this month is it’s close vicinity to the summer. I am studying International Relations, always working to save something – nature, people, ideas, small businesses, I lost track of what exactly. It is not out of boundless magnanimity. but rather out of some kind of egocentrism: I like  to think of myself as capable of making a difference to this world, sometime sooner or later.

And this was also a reason enough for me to join the Plotki team.

Felix Wolf, Berlin

Felix was born and raised in Berlin and has spent some time in Bucharest and Dublin for work and studies. As a member of the Berlin based Aid Initiative for Romania and Moldova he got to know many things about Eastern Europe. Felix joined the Plotki group in 2003 when the "Voluntary" seminar was in preparation. As a board member in PLOTKI’s parent NGO Rejs e.V. he occasionally helps to raise funds for future projects. Among other things he is interested in labour policy in the East and the West and has some affinity to Romanian-speaking countries. felix.wolf(at)

Carmen von Kende, Berlin

among others studied East European Studies and media studies at the Freie Universität Berlin (M.A.); lives and works in Berlin.

Amelie Kutter, Berlin

I can’t really remember times without commuting: commuting between the village Schöntal and the city Stuttgart(childhood), different subjects of study and work as well as living places in Central and East European countries. After all it is no surprise that I met once PLOTKI at the Institute for Eastern European Studies in Berlin and that I stuck to this pathetic project of cross culture productivity…
European Fellow at the Collegium Polonicum/European University Viadrina, familiar with Politcal Science and Slavic Languages, 31 old.

Isabella Willinger, Berlin

Isabella Willinger studied Slavic Studies, American Studies and Sociology in Berlin, Prague and New York. She finished her studies with an MA thesis on the Russian-Ukrainian film-director Kira Muratova, attempting to carve out a space within feminist film theory for a theory of filmic performativity and subversion through the senses. Now she is attending the documentary directing program of Munich film school. She has been with plotki as a writer and editor since 2001. 

Laura Kopecká, Praha

Born January 2nd 1976 on an island on Vltava river in the middle of Prague. Doctoral student at Charles University in Prague. After her graduating from Polish and Ukranian studies, she became a PhD student. The theme of her Ph.D. thesis is the "New York Group" of Ukrainian writers from the USA. Interpreter and translator from Polish and Ukrainian languages. Singer in the Balkan and East-Slavic inspired rock band "Ahmed má hlad" from Libeò. She lives in Prague again, after a while.

Jaga Jankowska, London

Born in Warsaw. For some time lived in a “beautiful” town of Legionowo (and some forests nearby).
The beauty of Legionowo was to strong for her – she escaped to Lublin. Tried to study Art Education on UMCS. Failed. Back in Warsaw started to study Graphic Arts on Fine Arts Academy. Completed. Escaped to Paris. Tried to survive as a designer in France and study Publishing & Press at Arts Déco. Completed. Escaped to London. In present she tries once again to survive as a designer/illustrator; this time in UK.
*Somewhere in between she met Mr. Hurrle who told her some crazy stories (most of them were not true), but one (the one about PLOTKI) had a terrible effect on her – she converted to Plotkism.

Gabrijela Ivanov, Zagreb

gabrijela ivanov, gabe
31.5.1976, Zadar, Croatia
@ 9:10 am
work in progress.
almost dangerously curious.
online/sharing communities/projects, gender issues, queer theories and practices,  holistic and permacultural approach, human as body-mind-spirit complex, design, web programming, open software, vj-ing

grew up in zadar, croatia
graduated from university of computer science in zagreb,
worked in a software company,
went to women’s studies,
worked in a women’s ngo,
co-founded an ngo in croatia called
commonzone, alliance for creative development,
(top of my priority list)
been involved in (film and pop culture) printed and online magazines.
member of core organizing team of Tabor FF,
international short film festival in croatia.

personal: – blog – what i’m listening

commonzone portals:

gabrijela dot ivanov [at] gmail dot com

sinisterpenguin, Praha

sinisterpenguin is a racist, sexist, homophobe traveling throughout europe in an attempt to bring about a totalitarian fascist regime dominated by the ginger race.  Glossopian by ethnicity. Last seen in Prague.

Jolanta Kossakowska, Warszawa

Graduated from Ethiopian Studies and Russian Philology at Warsaw University and University Hamburg. Musician, author and editor of the Polish anthropological-cultural magazine "op.cit.", member of the off-theatre Międzymiastowa, lover of sea port cities; currently living in Warsaw.

Michal Januszaniec, Warszawa

Born 1977, in the final year student of social sciences at Warsaw University, works at the Art Center STUDIO in Warsaw.

Piotr Klawsiuc, Gdańsk

– graduated sociology (thesis: Why do people snap photos?) in Torun, born in the middle of nowhere (Płlczyn Zdrój ’78) I live in Gdansk. My grandma is Russian, but she keeps it in secret, my second grandma was "tutejsza" – "from here" – not belonging to any nationality, my girlfriend is "una Triestina" – a Pole who speaks better Italian than Polish. That’s why I feel good in Plotki Babel tower. Another reason to be in the project
 – there are many people who find it interesting to tell and listen to everyday stories from other worlds and there are Germans among us, who know how to organise it all. At the moment I’m a journalist for a local newspaper and a teacher.

Nadine Wojcik, Berlin

obsessed Plotki member ever since it started. freelanced journalist, Berlin.

Martin Petrtyl, Praha

Born in 1977 in, that time, uranium mining town Pribram near Prague. After studying Political Sciences, International Relationships in Prague Charles University I denied army service so I had to work at civilian service. Then I lived 5 months in China as an English language teacher – it was really cruel experience. Now I serve at the Ministry of Environment (young bored bureaucrat), and study postgradually in Prague again.

Jakob Hurrle, Berlin/ Praha

Born in Freiburg, West Germany, with two birth certificates: German and Czechoslovak. The latter as a result of my mother’s emigrant background. The Czech thing got strengthened during 18 months of volunteer service in Brno. Later, the awkward idea appeared that once I will make money out of my interest for Central and Eastern European. In consequence, I studied Eastern European Studies at Berlin Free University. I am 27 now and still a student.

The Novak, Cluj-Napoca

 Born in 1982, grown up in the little village "Cocomârla" in the Carpathian Mountains ( together with  a number of sisters & brothers ).  Permanent student  of comparative literature in Klausenburg/Cluj. Professional sausage-eater . Profound hatred  for all that environmental crap, NGOs and living birds.  "When I was young they sang comunist songs instead of Pink Floyd, Cave or  Cohen.  I’m always writing for Djaka, my kangaroo, for Kolja, my tortoise and for Vasile my puppet from Prague. I’m not lazy i am reflective ( some decent people advised me to write that )".  All my stories are about  me me me me me

Marek Canek, Praha

A hill-billy by origin. Born and lived most of his life in Vrchlabi/Hohenelbe. Escaped the mentality of the small town at the age of 19. Went to Prague. Found out that this was a village, too. Did not go to New York but to Warsaw to study sociology. Interested in migration, Czech-Slovak relations and hygiene. Collects film advertisements from the 80s.

Jarek Sierpiński, Berlin

Born in 1975 in Gdańsk. Emigrated with his parents to Germany in 1981. Lived in the region of Stuttgart. Studied painting at the State Academy of Art in Stuttgart. Works together with his friend in Berlin since 2002 as an illustrator and website-designer under the name “Apfel Zet” and tries to fill his spare time with drawing comics and listening to sixties-music[1].

Visit his company site:
Visit his personal blog:

Footnotes    (↵ returns to text)

  1. For example: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Millenium, Sagittarius, Eternitys Children and other kinky stuff by Curt Boettcher

Stephanie Endter, Berlin

Born 1979 in Bavaria. Left the fairy tale heimat for Paris to assist photographers and later crossed the channel to England, where she studied and graduated in photography and digital imaging. While moving between countries, cities and jobs, she somehow got infected with the plotki virus. She is now working as a freelance photographer in Berlin.

Tomas Strazay, Bratislava

Born about 150 kilometers South-East of Cracow; grew up about 100 kilometers South of Brno, spent part of his lifetime about 500 kilometers East of Berlin, lives about 300 kilometers South-East of Prague, 200 kilometers North-West of Budapest, and 60 kilometers East of Vienna. A Slovak.

Anna Voswinckel, Berlin

 I studied graphic design in Hamburg and moved to Berlin in 2000. To Plotki I contributed editorial design, photography, image editing, a few times writing. After working as a book designer in Switzerland, I studied Cultural & Gender Studies in Zürich. I currently work as a freelance graphic designer in Berlin. my website

Krzysztof Cibor, Warszawa

juggler, writer, cyclist, budding comic designer and editor of (op.cit.,) – the Polish anthropological-cultural magazine.

Justin Hyatt, Prague

When I considered how to haphazardly engage in a creative life while at the same time putting ajvar on the table, I faced the following dilemma: Should i steal a saxophone and go busking in order to buy a camera and win a photo competition and with the cash a computer to write stories, or first try my luck with the computer, then the camera and lastly the sax, or rather the middle way of camera first. I chose this middle ground, but am wondering if I shouldn’t have included more variables to begin with.

Nicole Dörr, Berlin

Snow, falling from the sky in big flakes. Touches the earth and melts, because it was in February 1978 and in February it is already quite warm in the village. The smelling of fresh air, Outside. Everything can happen to you, life goes in circles, seasons. Nicole likes winter and summer, wild dancing and swimming in a lake, guitar playing, coffee. She is endlessly homesick of the east that she still doesn’t know any more. Water. In Nicole’s work and life, the dialogue of passion and reason are the motors of creativity. She is always learning new things and so sometimes needs a rest. At the moment, she lives in Firenze. Romania and Plotkisty deeply opened Nicole for images. Now she wants to found, together with others, the Pilotki-utopia. You will see. nicole(at)