Guidelines for Contributors

Guidelines for contributors to the Plotki magazine

The editorial board welcomes and encourages contributions to the Plotki on-line magazine. To enhance the rumours publication process, we compiled a few guidelines that may answer many of the questions that are usually asked by authors, photographers, artists…

Upcoming issues of the magazine are anounced about 2 months in advance in the news-ticker at the upper right
side on There you will find information on general topics, contact details of the editors and deadlines for

If you plan to contribute the Plotki on-line magazine then feel free to let us know in advance. In case of any questions about your contribution please contact the editor of the current issue.

What we are looking for..


Contributions could be, but are not limited to:

  • Journalistic reportages
  • Stories
  • Interviews
  • Poems
  • Photography
  • Audio
  • Film


Plotki is a broad church, but has a direction which should hopefully be apparant from the issues currently on-line. However, when considering submitting a contribution for Plotki, it would be good to keep the following ‘IS’ and ‘IS NOT’ lists in mind.


  • PLOTKI is a project from around the bloc.
  • PLOTKI spreads rumours.
  • PLOTKI investigates our cultural sphere.
  • PLOTKI is interested in original reports, interviews, stories, research that cannot be found in other media.
  • PLOTKI encourages rumour hunting across Central and Eastern Europe.


  • PLOTKI is not an academic journal.
  • PLOTKI is not a blog
  • PLOTKI will never publish racist, sexist, homophobic, gingerist, ageist contributions.


Articles: max 7.500 characters excluding spaces, structured in paragraphs. Break up the text with subheadings and/or images after about every third paragraph. Remember it is an on-line publication – think how it looks on the web page – we don’t want to scare the reader with big ugly blocks of text.

Please provide images to go along with text if possible (ideal width 420 pixels, 72dpi)

Visual contributions: An ideal contributions will be a series of pictures (between 4-10) linked to the overall topic.
Please provide a short text to put the pictures in context. This can be artistic and original in style.

All:All contributions should have a short teaser text to introduce your piece. It should be a catchy and informative introduction – not an abstract of the text! It supposed to trigger interest to read the article rather than tell it all. (max. 300 characters).
All contributions will have a teaser picture (100x100pixel, 72dpi) – if you have a suggestion for your piece then please send it as well.

For further information please contact the editor of the issue or the editorial board: contact(at)

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