Frequently Asked Questions

Plotki is always looking for new peolpe to join our project. Please
have a look at the FAQ-section to find out how to contribute to Plotki.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us: contact(at)

What will be the topic of the upcoming online-issue?

Have a look at the current “Call for Contributions” on our website. There is a news ticker in upper right corner on our start page. Or just click here.
To receive the Call for Contributions every month by email please subscribe by sending an empty email to

How can I get more information on current activities?

the E-groups! Everybody interested in the activities of Plotki is
invited to sign up to the international forum. These public forums are
the backbone for communication among the Plotkisty all around the bloc.
Subscribe here.

I have some rumours to tell. How can I contribute to Plotki?

a look at the current “Call for Contributions” (here). If you think you
could prepare an article, a photo-series or any other kind of text or
artwork fitting to the topic, contact the editor in charge.
For information about style and formal requirements, please take a look at our guidelines.

I like the idea of the Plotki Encyclopedia. How can I

may add a new part to an existing item. You may also propose a
completely new one. The encyclopedia is open for suggestions on items
covering ideas about central eastern Europe. Send your ideas and
proposals to felix.wolf(at)

How can I get a printed copy of Plotki?

You may order a copy in the Plotki Online-Shop or find bookstores selling Plotki on our distribution page.

If you need more information or if you have comments or suggestions please send us a mail: contact(at)


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