Mihaela Cojocariu

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Mihaela Cojocariu was born in 1978 in Sibiu, Romania. She graduated in 2002 in journalism and worked since as a reporter, editor and graphic designer. The presented selection is about landscapes and accompanied by some thoughts of the photographer:”Every time when I fotograph something I try to make up a story…I try to transmit a feeling, even if there is just a beautiful landscape in front of my eyes. Trees have their own story, or we can create a story connected to them… I must addmit that in front of nature I feel MYSELF. I like to photograph people also, but nature just gives me a strong feeling of freedom. I like wide open spaces…and most of all I like the sky. In most of my pictures the sky is the main, the strongest “character”. I travelled to many places in this world, but the best place for me will always be my Transsylvania, with its heavy clouds and misty mornings. I will not exchange that for any paradise-looking places in this world. I”ve been away for some time, living in a so-called paradise (Santorini – Greece). A paradise that doesn”t belong to anyone. Everytime I”m away I always realise that there”s no place like home. mihaelacojocariu.blogspot.com

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