Jakub Nowotynski

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Jakub Nowotynski’s project “In Between” is an attempt to take a different look at things that are known and obvious. A change of perspective lets us explore a new intriguing space. The author, in his fantasies, crosses the boundaries of what is visible. He stops on the threshold of a mysterious, inscrutable world…Jakub Nowotynski – born in 1977 in Karl-Marx Stadt. He grew up in Przemysl and since 2001 has lived in Cracow. He graduated from the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw and Malopolska Folk University in Wzd√≥w which trains students to be cultural managers and artistic handicraft instructors. He works in artistic and wedding photography, as well as photojournalism. His works can be seen in collective and individual exhibitions. In May 2008, his works were shown at the Polish photography festival “Cracow Photomonth” and his exhibition was part of the Off review. He is also this year”s winner of the “Nieodkryte/Niewypowiedziane” contest organized by Krzysztof Warlikowski”s theatre Nowy Teatr in Warsaw.

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